Indonesian Trade Promotion Center – Chicago (ITPC – Chicago) is a non profit Indonesian Government Organization that provides related trade information. We are under the Directorate General for National Export Development (DGNED) which is part of a global trade network supervised by the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia.

Staff of ITPC Chicago

1. Andri Satria Permana…………Deputy Director
2. Dewi Sinta…………Trade Promotion Officer
3. Ni Made Yunirika…………Trade Promotion Officer

Vision and Mission

To boost Indonesian non-oil and gas export development to the United States through market penetration, information dissemination, trade inquiry services, expanding the business contacts between Indoesian exporters and US importers and active participation in various trade exhibitions in the US.

Main Activities of ITPC

* Participation on overseas trade promotions and trade exhibitions
* Market intelligence, observing the local government policy, the competitors and the potential business opportunity in US
* Organizing business transactions
* Disseminating information to the US business communities
* Trade inquiries
* Matchmaking assistance, arranging the meeting between Indonesian exporters and US importers

How ITPC Helps the US Importers

* Providing information on Indonesian product supply by sector and companies
* Providing advise and information on Government trade regulation and procedures
* Assisting the trade visits arrangement to Indonesia, in an effort to personally meet manufacturers and exporters
* Preparing and collecting information on Indonesian companies participating in overseas trade exhibitions
* Providing assistance in coordinating and facilitating business between Indonesian exporters and US importers

How ITPC Helps the Indonesian Manufacturers/Exporters

* Providing information on the US market while creating an access the US market
* Providing market penetration and expansion
* Preparing useful aid in promoting Indonesian products through trade promotions, trade exhibitions, trade missions, publications,
  and business visits