Indonesian Government


- Bank of Indonesia: Indonesia’s Central Bank
- Investment Coordinating Board: First stop for Foreign Investors
- National Development Plan Agency: Leading agency on the MP3EI infrastructure plan (PDF 11.4MB)
- Food and Drug Control Agency: Responsible for pharmaceutical registration
- Central Bureau of Statistic (BPS): National statistics agency
- Financial Transaction Report and Analysis Center: Works to prevent and eradicate financial crime and terrorist financing in Indonesia
- BP Migas: Indonesia’s oil and gas agency

U.S. Government

Other Resources

- Department of State
     - Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs
     - Intellectual Property
     - Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs
     - Bureau of Public Affairs - Indonesia
- Department of Commerce
     - Foreign Commercial Service
- Export Import Bank
- Department of Treasury
- Department of Energy
- National IPR Center
- U.S. Trade Representative (USTR)
- Overseas Private Investment Corporation:
- Small Business Administration (SBA)
- U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA)
- Department of Agriculture
     - Foreign Agriculture Service
- Patent and Trademark Office
- Federal Aviation Agency
- Consumer Product Safety Commission
- White House
- Food Regulations